The Cove Story

  • The Cove private lagoon
  • The Cove private lagoon
  • Housing Compound in Yanbu

About Us

The compound location is in Yanbu, west of Madinah, on the 39’25 longitude and 24’21 latitude, where the Tihama coastal plain meets the red sea.

Our site is near The Royal Commission along King Khalid road, which is suitable for the workforce of Yanbu Industrial City and the refineries.

The Cove Compound has 301 fully furnished apartments and villas, a private lagoon with shaded sitting areas, and a wide promenade suitable for outdoor activities or relaxation.

It has a friendly, healthy, safe, and secure environment that you will enjoy while walking, swimming, paddle boating, and fishing. It also has many open areas for beach volleyball, football, tennis, cricket, and basketball: Indoor Gym, a Squash, and Billiard rooms.

Living here will let your lifestyle continue as usual with the provided facilities, leisure activities that will keep you in physical shape, and healthy spirits residing in Saudi Arabia.




Yanbu City

Located in the territory of Madinah, Yanbu lies at a distance of about 330 km from Jeddah. It is not just one of the oldest harbors in Saudi Arabia but also numbered amongst the most valuable industrial cities. Along with many historical sites it also claims impressive coral reefs excellent for diving and fishing on its extended Red Sea coast. Yanbu is a capital with a universal character. Most of Yanbu is populated by Asians and Europeans along with people from several middle-eastern nations. If you have decided to visit this lovely destination, here are the leading traveler attractions in Yanbu that you must witness on your trip.