Playgrounds and fitness areas add value to the resort experience and encourage families to visit and spend more time at your property.



We operate a fleet of three buses providing transport to and from Radhwa International School, which lies less than fifteen minutes from the compound gate. No significant highways are involved, and the journey is a safe one. Female bus monitors travel with the children to ensure their safety and to make sure the driver is not distracted.


Radhwa International School follows an American curriculum and the primary teaching language is English. A wide variety of academic subjects are covered, including social studies, mathematics, science, languages, the arts, and physical education. A variety of extra-curricular student activities are also provided.



We have a Nursery on site which caters to young children from the ages of 2-5 years, and it also runs a Summer camp for all ages. The Cove management runs a playgroup and a qualified Nursery/Preschool teacher, highly skilled and highly recommended.